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Ragging torture chamber uncovered

Police rescue 8 freshers | Fifteen Raggers arrested | Torture house rented at Rs. 10,000 per month


Eight freshers attached to the Peradeniya University’s Agriculture Faculty who had been subjected to torture in the name of ragging by a group of second-year students of the same faculty by taking them to a rented house in Megoda Kalugamuwa Peradeniya, stripping them naked and assaulting them with clubs were rescued by the Peradeniya police.

The police raided the house around 11.20 pm on February 19. They arrested 15 second-year students in this connection. They are alleged to have maintained this house as a torture chamber. The eight freshers subjected to this degrading ragging have been admitted to the Peradeniya hospital for treatment.

Police said investigations revealed that these second-year students had rented this house on January 2 at Rs. 10,000 per month for a period of three months by paying the money in full posing as architects attached to a form of architects.

The half-complete house belonged to a minor employee attached to the Galaha MoH office. Police believe that this house may have been used for ragging new entrants on earlier occasions too. Investigations revealed that the eight students had been taken to the house in a van from Kandy around noon that day. The raid was conducted by a police team led by Peradeniya Police OIC Chief Inspector Kamal Ariyawansa.

Agriculture Faculty Dean Prof. Gamini Pushpakumara, University Proctor Dr. Gamini Hitinayake, Deputy Proctor Dr Suranga Kodituwakku and Acting Chief Marshal Deepal Ratnayake accompanied the Police team.

Investigations are continuing under the directions of Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe, DIG Mahinda Ekanayake, SSP Edmond Mahendra and ASP S. B. Diyakelinnawa.




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Waiting for a response from the IUSF thugs. Another protest? Strike? These are the lowest form of life on the planet. Bunch of sexually frustrated individuals. Nothing but a long Jail sentence and expulsion from the University would suffice. Over to you, Your Honour.

I agree that these bullies must receive the severest of punishments. A case in point, for them to afford Rs.10,000 per month on a frivolous activity indicate they may be rich and with influence and I pray they will be ignored.

I guess the VC will again say that there is no ragging in the university. What a joker.

Where a the JVP big mouths. Why don't they condemn such torture carried out by their cubs.

Is this the brand of free education professed and praised by the IUSF and their so called political gurus in JVP? These sex maniacs should be punished in public.Damage done to the university system is irreparable.This is a shame to all the generations of university alumni in Sri Lanka.The foreigners may think that our universities are full of psychopaths and barbarians.

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