Drought affected farmers granted Rs.10,000 allowance: President | Daily News

Drought affected farmers granted Rs.10,000 allowance: President


President Maithripala Sirisena instructed officials to grand a monthly allowance of Rs.10,000 to farmers affected by drought.

District Secretary R.B Wanninayaka said that Divisional Secretaries are engaged in gathering data on drought hit families to grant drought relief.

He added that farmers who have lost their cultivations due to the drought and even those who have not cultivated can receive the drought relief.

"Once we have submitted the data, the Disaster Management Ministry will provide funds to cover the expenses," Wanninayaka said.

Currently thirteen districts are affected by the drought.


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Always redress and hand outs ..Drought relief is a right of the people battling against the weather ..but how far will the President and his government go to study this distorted picture of the ground happening and recognize what humans have done to aggravate the situation,Turining precious waters for the use of other mega projects of the area like hotels and introduced plantation agriculture that taps the water on higher grounds leaving a trickle to the paddy lands in the valleys .Drying of water ways due to land clearings and also poaching for timber ..the list is long .Do not make the agri farmer a dependent but a proud skilled person who steps out of the comfort zone to till the land for his home needs and the excess to be sold ..10,000 rupees is not a magnanimous gesture this day and age when a trip to the market for a week cost over 2000 rupees minimum to feed the family ..But the solution offered by some leaders is to absorb the youth of these families to some mega project in the concrete jungle that is arising from the once verdant fertile land .How short sighted is that when deserts are created in the parched land .


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