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GMOA to up the tempo from next week

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) will strengthen the ongoing countrywide awareness campaign and go for strong trade union action from next week to protest against the Higher Education Minister’s ‘shameless’ efforts to mislead the public ignoring carrying out his official duty on SAITM, GMOA Secretary Dr. Navin de Zoysa said.

Addressing a press conference at the GMOA Head Quarters in Colombo 7 yesterday, he said that a part of the responsibility of ensuring the quality of the medical education in Sri Lanka in order to provide a safe and high quality medical service to the people belongs to the Higher Education Minister.

The GMOA is carefully watching whether the Higher Education Minister is taking decisions in order to protect the future of the country and its people without giving into money.

According to Dr. Zoysa, what the Higher Education Minister should do now is obtain the Compliance Certificate for SAITM from the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). If he cannot do it, he should cancel the gazette notification issued by the Higher Education Ministry in the past during the time of former Higher Education Minister S.B.Dissanayake. The current Higher Education Minister has powers to do so under the Universities Act number 16 of 1978.

Dr.Zoysa pointed out that former Higher Education Minister S.B.Dissanayake issued a `gazette notification’ without a date in 2011 pointing out the shortcomings in SAITM and again issued another back dated `gazette notification’ in 2013 without the Compliance Certificate from the SLMC which says that SAITM has met all requirements from 2009.

But in 2009, the SAITM did not have the hospital.

The SAITM made a request to obtain degree awarding status in 2011 and not in 2009 as stated in the 2103 gazette notification.

“The Court of Appeal judgement very clearly says that the female medical student got admitted to SAITM in 2009 in order to obtain Russian MD degree but came out from SAITM in 2016 with a SAITM MBBS degree,” Dr.Zoysa added.



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SLMC never issued compliance certificates or had minimum standards. Now directed by Court verdict to register SAITM doctors for internship training. Simple and totally legal, contempt of which is incarceration for 2 years. Russian MD was allowed transition to Local MBBS by approval letter of an earlier SLMC Prez who wrote that Act 16 was not then necessary. This letter was tabled by Health Minister in Parliament 2 days ago. Refer Hansard.

SLMC needs to be within the law and let the govt. handle Trade Unions with Justice, Law and Order, Essential Services, Police and Triforces. There is nothing new under the sun.

"The GMOA is carefully watching whether the Higher Education Minister is taking decisions in order to protect the future of the country and its people without giving into money" ! What a hypocrite. Dear Mr Zoysa(I refuse to address you as DR) Isn't your fight all about the possible loss of your MONEY and POWER?

Are they doctors , our days have never seen doctors , lawyers and ect , professional's are on streets by protesting . these doctors , they get all the benefits just because of their profession's and to heels the sick people . they are bounds to render their services to the nation , but behaves like uneducated dumb ones by shouting aggressively in front of microphone's in media gatherings . has to stop all these dummies things and work for the country . when you carefully looks like all things behind are JVPers , they never get to power but what they are doing is destabilization of the any ruling government . that is there politics

I want government to close all state medical collages. Why should I pay tax from my hard earn money to educate people to be medical businessmen?

Its about time ordinary people learnt how to cure themselves without being at the mercy of these killers. If very, very ill, then go to emergency. At that time, it would not matter whether they killed you or the disease killed you. And there is a strong chance that your body having been created to heal itself with inbuilt restoration aligning mechanisms, in all probability will heal itself and walk out like some politicians do. Then govern, like desperate GMOA looking to support SLMC with certificates before they get second court order.


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