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Substandard ingredients degrade Ayurveda treatment

Adulterated ghees and bees' honey in the market pose a threat to the Ayurveda treatment, according to ayurvedic physicians. They said preparing ayurvedic drugs to required standards is impossible now since pure ingredients cannot be found in the market. If Ayurveda drugs are produced using inferior ingredients, people who seek Ayurveda treatments will loss faith in them, they said.

A bottle of quality bees' honey costs Rs. 1,000. A substandard one can be purchased at Rs. 600. The Department of Ayurveda, therefore, must take steps to provide quality ingredients at reasonable prices, the Ayurveda physicians said.

Obtaining opium to manufacture certain medicines is also very difficult, they say. Several illnesses are treated with medicines that have to be mixed with a certain quantity of opium. But obtaining opium has become a laborious task now. The Department of Ayurveda has to intervene in this regard, they said. 

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