I will stand against legalising abortion: Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith | Daily News

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I will stand against legalising abortion: Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith


Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith said that he would stand against legalising abortion, if the government intends it to introduce it as law.

‘Abortion is considered a sin.

The Ten Commandments of the Holy Bible clearly states that we should not kill,’ the Archbishop said.

Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith was speaking at the Lady of Lourdes feast at the Holy Cross Church, Kalutara.

Furthermore the Archbishop said that the church body should commit to a religious life and also help other people of different faiths.

Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith also said that cultural progression would be in vain without religious progression.


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You go to east. go do some editing and type setting. We dont co me bother your voice noh. so you mind your business and talk about something else. go throw apples to the sea and wash your sins.

Well said Your Grace. I wish ALL Roman catholic Bishops Archbishops and Cardinals come out and support the stance against abortion. Many years ago, I persuaded the Right to Life Association in Victoria Australia to fund and print up a car bumper sticker depicting a new born baby. The Caption read: "Kill her now and it's called murder. Kill her six months ago and it is called abortion" Abortion is nothing more than infanticide regardless. People say "it is not a baby but a foetus or zygote. What ever it is called; that fetes or zygote is still a living breathing human being. God Bless Your Grace.

Abortion of unwanted children is a situation by two people indulging in irresponsible sexual activity .So it should be considered a sin of two people and not the woman alone .It is also a sin of the medical personnel involved that get rich by secret tryst may be and taking advantage of the vulnerable ..Leave aside the legalizing of it much could be done to handle the present day situation of handling abortion behind closed doors or handing unwanted kids to orohanges to grow without family care , or being adopted and taken away from the country without even the mothers being aware of it .It is heart breaking to read young adults coming back to connect with their birth mothers .So much work to be done on this by religious teachers .How would women handle being pregnant after rape ?How would young domestics handle being taken advantage at work places and then shown the door .. Kids of such situation are destined for a sad future and the man just acts as a bystander .What about unwanted life threatening pregnancies to a wife threatened by medical conditions and the indifference of the Partners to respect her conditions or threaten to go elsewhere ..this is such a social situation and the law or otherwise would not heal the mind of the victim the woman whose body is prepared for to carry a marvel of creation and now is lost to her plight alone .Parenting and Educating the young kids and protection of the woman at work places and out of her home is her God given right and should be thought so .Those who are priviledged to carry a child learn to love it from looking at an ultra sound and the kids will then grow in a happy situation .Lets hope for the ideal situation to happen of a baby accepted because the Man and Woman acted in an ethical responsible manner .

Mind your own business

The archbishop should learn to move with the times and not be stuck in the past. Religions are meant to be adapted to the times, if not they ger relegated to the dustbin of history

Can the archbishop tell this paper how many orphanages are funded and operated by the church ? The archbishop must mind his own God's business and not get involved in government matters that does not effect the church or his faith. This is an individual decision and abortion are currently illegal, however there is nothing to stop illegal abortions which ever faithful is having it done either here or abroad.

Dont worry it will be in the bill and the gate keeper will take care of the business. White power!! தமிழ் அரிச்சுவடி


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