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Forest officer narrowly escapes death

A Forest Conservation Officer who visited a house near the Karamatutiya reserve in Kaltota along with another department colleague to investigate an illicit tree felling racket had a narrow escape when a gunshot aimed by a suspect from inside the house missed him by a whisker recently.

On seeing some timber stocked near the house, the two officers had gone there to investigate the source from which the timber had been obtained.

One officer had started questioning a person who came out from the house. As he was noting down the answers, the other officer had gone a little distance away to answer a call he received on his mobile. Suddenly another suspect had aimed a gunshot at the officer who was noting down and fled to the jungle with the gun.

The gunshot, which passed the officer tearing his shirt sleeve, spared his body by a whisker.

A complaint had been lodged with the Kaltota police. Investigation is continuing. 


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