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COPE reports on 15 state institutions tabled in Parliament


COPE Chairman Sunil Handunnetti presented reports on fifteen state owned institutions before Parliament, today.

The loss incurred by the fifteen institutions is Rs. 110 billion, the COPE Chairman said.

The 15 institutions include the Corporative Wholesale Establishment, Road Development Authority, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, the State Engineering Corporation, the Telecommunication Regulation Commission, Sri Lanka Cricket, the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, the National Lotteries Board, Ceylon Electricity Board and Sustainable Energy Authority, the Sri Lanka Football Federation, the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medicine Corporation, four Maga Neguma Institutions under the Road Development Authority, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Kurunegala Plantation, and the Employees Trust Fund Board. 


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Cope too decide what steps to be taken next to come over the loss,or keep the institutions continue eat the well being of the poor class push them to poorest.

Kindly inform the public at which period did these institutions have shown the LOSS ? a) - If a breakdown could be exposed will be valid to identify the CORRUPT officials who were in charge of the operation . The Minister is totally responsible and his RETURN to represent the public during the next election will be very CRUTIAL to keep the pulic informed. WE DO NOT WANT SUCH CORRUPT OFFICIALS IN THE GOVERNMENT. 2) - Declaration of wealth of the said officials will be an EYE opener.


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