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No cause for panic

There is no cause for people to panic about the discovery of a new type of malaria mosquito larvae from Pesalai in Talaimannar unless the simlar type of mosquito/larvae is found from any other parts of the country,Anti Malaria Campaign Director,Dr.Hemantha Herath said.

“Nevertheless, it is recommended that people living in Mannar Island and the sourrounding areas of Jaffna be vigilant on clean water mosquito breeding sites such as water tanks,”Dr.Herath said.

According to Dr.Herath, the new species of mosquito, Anopheles Stephens discovered in wells at Pesalai, Thalaimannar is harder to eradicate than the ordinary Malaria mosquitoes. The mosquito larvae was found during a routine mosquito eradication programme.

Malaria has been elimnated from Sri Lanka. We try hard to keep the mosquito density low in the country,” he said. 


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