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Bengamuwa Nalaka Thera and six others released


The Colombo Fort Magistrate has released Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera and six other disabled tri force protestors, today (27).

Bengamuwa Nalaka Thero was arrested along with 4 other Theraes and 2 women for allegedly obstructing the public and damaging public property at the protest conducted in front of the Presidential Secretariat office on November 7, 2016.

Colombo Fort Magistrate, Lanka Jayaratne had released the convicts stating that police had not filed accusations against the suspects under proper clauses. 


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I am a strong sinhalese buddhist from down south beyond benthara river, these our buddhist monks must have certain extent to do politics . when you see now a days their are some monks going beyond there limits to do politics than the religious work what they have to do in tempals and for the people . some are behaving like thugs and gangsters , when it happens like this what is the situation and respect for our born religion . sad....

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