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Reconciliation, peace achievable only if justice is meted out: Wigneshwaran

Reconciliation and sustainable peace can be achieved only if justice is meted out to the long standing injustice suffered by the people, Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneshwaran said.

The Northern Province Chief Minister was speaking during a discussion with Political, Trade and Communications Counsellor of the European Delegation in Sri Lanka and Maldives Paul Godfrey.

Godfrey along with several officials attached to the European Union visited Jaffna yesterday.

Chief Minister Wigneshwaran said he had informed the EU officials that there is a strong need to implement initiatives to uplift the lives of war widows and Ex-LTTE cadres and added that the officials had agreed to extend their support.

“No skills based training was provided to Ex- LTTE cadres during the reconciliation programmes. No opportunities were provided to continue their normal life.And if any problem occurred in the area, the police immediately arrested them. This situation has to change immediately. Measures have to be taken to give them recognition,” the Chief Minister said.

Wigneshwaran stressed that investigations related to the alleged war crimes have to be conducted and added only if justice is meted out to all, the injustice that occurred during the war that there would be sustainable peace and reconciliation. He further said many issues can be addressed if adequate political powers are given.

“Several people strongly oppose the concept of power devolution. I have told the officials that by creating awareness among the people about the positive aspects of devolution of power, many prevailing problems related to the Tamils can be easily solved,”he added. 


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Country lack vision with optimism in various parts of the country. It seems sbuse of power and justice is widespread a matter not considered seriously bu our political gurus. Intimidation with prevention of protests etc may classify as violation of the rights of individuals

Vigneshwaran talks of the sufferings of only the Northerners and easterners during the war. But didn't we,the southerners, too suffer as a result of the war? who talks of our sufferings?Racial prejudice and foolish arrogance exudes from every pore of his body.He talks as if only the majority community needed the peace and reconciliation while they didn't want it and care two hoots about the same.In other words his wordings imply that if you southereners want reconciliation sacrifice what ever we ask for. and we don't care or bother whether we have reconciliation or not.With this attitude can we ever reach reconciliation?

Mr. Wigneshwaran, pls do not ever think of any reconciliation with majority if you are going to maintain this kind of mentality. What sort of justice are yyou talking about as asking federal or separate state or ilam or police powers or land powers are justice. the more you talk about those more go away from majority and you can only day dream.

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