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Changes cannot be made without referendum: TNA

The TNA yesterday reiterated its position that it would not settle for any Constitutional Amendment that does not require a referendum, but for a new Constitution which ushers in fundamental changes including the abolition of executive Presidency.

TNA Spokesman MP M.A. Sumanthiran, reminding that the mandate President Maithripala Sirisena received from the people was to make significant changes to the Constitution, pointed out those changes could not be made without a referendum.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, he said the President and the Prime Minister should act according to the mandate people have given not withstanding opposition from the forces that lost out and were rejected by the people.

“These lost out forces cannot speak to change the mandate that the people gave to the President just because they are in the Cabinet now. They were people who supported former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the previous presidential polls and opposed Common Candidate Sirisena. They must change and not try to change the President against the people’s will,” he said.

He said fundamental changes like the abolition of the Executive Presidency was the first promise of Common Candidate Sirisena, adding that these could not be accomplished by tinkering the existing Constitution. “Those who articulate the position that no referendum should be held are also saying that it will be lost. Pushing ahead changes without a referendum knowing that people would not approve them would be to fool the people. We do not want anything done behind the back of our people. We want the people to approve any significant change that the Constitution goes through,” he said.


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This inquiry is sponsored by TRO, who have bought over corrupt Western politicians and the UN fools. The issue is to prove that the Sri Lankan army committed war crimes and that they have to be disbanded from the North and the east. Without the Sri Lankan army in an ethnically cleansed area is what the nasty diaspora want. Guess what it is called? Tamil Elam Welcomes you. Then it will be Ellam - meaning everything... This is Saravamuthu's [ Sara of CPA] plan. He has got RW and MS's backing. After all it's Sara who got us banned from the GSP+ and now trying to get it back to fool the Sinhalese. Sara is eyeing the post of the new leadership of Eelam now that his funds have dried up since the war is over. He even got all his dirty work done by Lasantha Weeratunga who got killed for his columns in the Sunday Leader, which was bankrolled by the LTTE. Sara believes in the two party system Tamils rule & Sinhalese drool!

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Statement I presume coming from a socially responsible cultured person. Constitution is for society. Army should be in barracks get ready preparing for coming enemy at times dealing with bad people in country occasion Y helping the poor disabled during atrocities of weather.nasties goodies greedy corrupt evil jealous are sitting with you and us everyday.the mind can get easily polluted till everyone the nasties of the north east for the customs manners traditions etc. Learn from each other forget unpleasant comments. Elected persons must do their duties

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