Eye-lens racket in Sri Lanka will be stopped: Health Minister | Daily News

Eye-lens racket in Sri Lanka will be stopped: Health Minister


The Health Ministry has received information on an ongoing eye-lens racket, Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said.

He said an eye lens imported from India for just for LKR 6,000 sells in Sri Lanka for as much as LKR 25,000 Minister Dr. Senaratne he had also received information that some doctors receive a commission from companies that sell eye lenses, if they prescribe that company’s eye lenses to patients.

This racket will be stopped soon, the Health Minister vowed.


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Well done minister.

This eye lens racket has been going on in Kandy Hospital for more than 6 years as far as I know. My mother was asked to buy a particular brand of a lens from a particular pharmacy located close to Kandy Hospital. The doctor concerned had informed my mother that he would refuse the lens even if the prescribed brand was bought from some other pharmacy. I am happy the minister has been galvanized into action now. Better late than never.


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