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Ampara battles dengue with a Mass Cleaning Programme


The Nintavur Pradeshiya Sabha organized a Mass Dengue Cleaning Programme to eradicate dengue breeding places in and around of Nintavur Divisional Secretariat.

This was in a bid to reduce the number of dengue patients in Nintavur than other villages in Ampara. The Mass Dengue Cleaning Programme was organized by the Nintavur Predeshiya Sabha and held together with the other Pradeshiya Sabhas in the Ampara district, Medical Office of Health and other voluntary organizations.

A number of cleaning programmes and fogging programmes are being carried out with the support of school children, employees of Health Ministry and the youths representing sports clubs and other organizations to eradicate dengue from Nintavur.

All hospitals in the Ampara District are currently packed with dengue patients, Thasleema Baseer, Medical Officer of Health Nintavur said.

She said the dengue patients have no place sit or sleep as a result of the numbers being admitted daily.

The Medical Office of Health in Nintavur has intervened to eradicate dengue in Nintavur and PHIs and Police officers have warned the public strictly to clean their premises to prevent dengue larvae from breeding.


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