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‘Believers in Glass’ highlights perils of plastic

'Believers in Glass', a group that makes people aware of the dangers of storing foods, drinks, and medicines in plastic vessels, held a press conference yesterday at JAIC Hilton to illustrate the perils of plastic on human health.

A panel of doctors discussed the effects of chemicals that leach from plastic into the human body.

“Plastic is now inside of us, as plastic leaches dangerous compounds that can increase blood pressure, cause miscarriages and act as endocrine disrupters,” said Dr. Mamta Jain of Mumbai.

The panelists highlighted that the longer foods and liquids stay in plastic containers, the more leaching of chemicals like bisphenol A and PVC would occur.

“Chemicals that come from plastics mimic the actions of normal hormones and can disrupt the usual body processes,” said Dr. Kolitha Sellahewa of the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine. He said exposure to plastics from a young age can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. Dr. Suranga Hettipathirana, a gynecologist and obstetrician, said exposure to the chemicals in plastic can lead to higher chances of infertility in men and women. The panelists discussed how kidney function can decrease, while chances of breast, testicular and prostate cancer can increase due to exposure to these chemicals. 


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