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Intimacy ends in tragedy

A 20-year-old youth and a 40-year-old woman died after consuming a detergent powder at a lodge in Ratnapura town yesterday morning.

Ratnapura Police said the victims have been identified as Indika Kumara of Hettigala Watta, Noragalla, Dela, and Paladeniya Arachchilage Manjula Priyani, 40, of Kalawana road, Dela.

Investigations revealed that they had carried on a secret intimacy without the knowledge of their families. On January 10, the couple had arrived at a lodge in Ratnapura town around 6 pm and obtained a room reservation for one day. On 10th night a room boy had heard the woman raising cries from the first floor and rushed there to see her vomiting on the staircase. She had said they had eloped and decided to commit suicide by consuming poison as they had no means to earn a living. When the room boy entered their room, he had seen the boy who came with the woman lying on bed groaning. He had rushed the couple to the Ratnapura hospital in a three wheeler, but they were pronounced dead on admission.

Ratnapura Police are investigating. 


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