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An alternative treatment for dengue

Recently my son, having infected dengue and being in a critical condition, was admitted to Asiri Central Hospital. I was in dilemma over his situation. At the Hospital, as there is no prescribed medicine for this illness in Western Medicine, he was given saline drips with total bed rest, measuring intake and output of liquids, blood tests, administering antibiotics and other tests were the treatment.

My friends and well-wishers always pressurized me to meet a well known Ayurveda Physician at Aluthwala, Baddegama, and bring a bottle of medicine as it is proved to be an efficacious treatment for dengue. Although I was unable to make a decision at first, later I decided to meet the physician, considering the severity of the patient. I left early morning on the third day and reached Aluthwala in three hours. After bringing the bottle of medicine we started giving him by 50 ml doses hourly. This was not disclosed to anyone in the hospital.

On the following day, the blood count started to improve. Yet little by little as the patient had various bodily issues that are attributable to slow recovery. On the sixth day of admission blood count increased up to 55,000 and later he was discharged.

I never underestimate the service at the hospital. But I am sure the indigenous medicine had effectively improved his position. All who recommended me this treatment had their personal experience. Hence I can recommend this treatment for all dengue patients. Save valuable lives from dengue. May all authorities and others pay their attention to this medicine.

A S Weeratunga



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dengue could be cured by natural ayurvedic treatment and eradicated by nature and in its absence by diligent follow up of the infection. However we are on a wild goose chase trying to eliminate mosquitoes and trying to find a needle in a haystack. It is also unfortunate that the medical professionals instead of acknowledging and identifying the causes of success of natural medicines tend to reject it because of a fear unfounded.

Re: Mr. Weeratunga's experience on Treatment fr Dengue- Yes there are several forms of alternative medicine practiced over the years with amazing results. In the case of Ayur Sidha and Uani medicine there is unfortunately no Pharmacopea and hence the LD50 cannot be ascertained to fix the daily dosage to a patient. In the absence of this data the dosage administered is hypothecal. Over dosing the patient is likely with the danger of adverse effects. It is time for Ayurvedic colleges and researchers to accelerate the preparation of a Pharmacopea Standard for drugs used in alternate medicine. The results could then give a boost to the application of such methods.


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