Rajapaksa supporters hindering Hambantota development to retain political grip: Mujibur | Daily News

Rajapaksa supporters hindering Hambantota development to retain political grip: Mujibur

Mahinda Rajapaksa supporters are hindering the development plans of the government to retain their power in Hambantota by hook or by crook, UNP MP Mujibur Rahman said.

He said once the agreement is signed on the Hambantota port project, a committee will be appointed to look into the progress in which former Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa will also be one of the members.

Addressing the media at Sirikotha yesterday, Rahman said Rajapaksa’s supporters fear that they will lose their power in Hambantota in another two or three years if the proposed development plans were implemented.

“This could be the reason for them to carry out false propaganda that the government has plans to take over religious places, schools and lands of the people,” he said.

“The government was not engaged in any of these activities. It was during the previous regime that several plans were forcefully implemented without the consent of the public. There was no one left to speak when the former government was in power,” Rahman said.

The former government seized the lands of the people to build the Hambantota port. In the first stage 450 families were displaced and in the second stage another 650 families were displaced. Permanent houses were provided to only 10 families, he added.

Rahman said the situation was the same in many areas in Colombo where Gotabaya Rajapaksa forcibly used the lands of the people. “MPs Udaya Gammapila, Wimal Weerawansa and Dullus Alahapperuma were also watching these activities.

They did not speak a word against the Rajapaksa government. The lands used for development under the present government are owned by the state,” he said.


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U Daya, wimal and dulles would have been subjected to immense difficulty if they had protested.haha

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