Delay in doctors’ transfers : GMOA rebuts ministry allegation | Daily News

Delay in doctors’ transfers : GMOA rebuts ministry allegation

The Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) rejects the allegation made by the Health Ministry ​against the GMOA ​in connection with delaying doctors' transfers, GMOA Secretary Dr. Navin De Zoiysa said.

According to Dr. Zoyza, the GMOA consisting of over 18,000 Medical Officers has taken steps to implement the annual transfers of 2017 on time according to the rules and regulations. The GMOA has taken steps with due representations to Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne and Health Ministry Secretary Anura Jayawickrama to achieve this target, he said.

Directors of some state hospitals ignore and overlook the directives issued to them by the Public Service Commission and the Health Ministry Secretary. Action should taken against them according to the Establishment Code, Zoiysa said.


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Why are we so stupid to transfer people about. Earn from the progressive countries like UK.Can't our leaders grow up to the modern times?

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