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Unwelcome traffic plan

While much attention is paid to the construction of the Central highway, no one in authority seems to be concerned about the traffic congestion at Kiribathgoda, which has now become a hub for most towns in the periphery of Colombo and the main approach road to Gampaha and beyond. Recently the main Kandy road from Peliyagoda was widened and carpeted, but the stretch from the Kelaniya University to Kiribathgoda town was not widened though carpeted. In addition, a pavement has been erected in the middle preventing the possibility of opening up an additional lane on the other side during rush hours.

This is an area where there are many container yards and many containers and heavy vehicles operating between the port and the free trade zone in Biyagama. At times it takes more than half an hour to get through a distance of less than one kilometre to the Kiribathgoda town from the University.

There are only two lanes on each side and those too are too narrow for a bus and a big car to overtake, thereby causing congestion. This is a great amount of waste of fuel and precious time.

Except for the area near the traffic lights, from the university the stretch of road in Dalugama seems to be the only area that does not have a pavement for the pedestrians. This is an area where there are many private classes. After classes, the students have to walk on the road at the risk of their lives. During rush hours, the pedestrians find it life-threatening to walk on Kandy Road

If the ministers and officials are made to travel by public transport or walk on Kandy Road in this area they would get a better understanding of the difficulties ordinary people have to go through.

Could the Highways Minister please look into this matter and bring about an immediate solution please?

S Abeysinghe



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