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JLanka wins at FCCISL Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Dr. Mayura Jayasoma, CEO and Technical Director of JLanka Technologies was recognized for his entrepreneurial vision by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL), at the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards ceremony held at Stein Studio Rathmalana.

Dr. Jayasoma won the Gold Award for Entrepreneurship both at Provincial Level (Western Province), and then at National Level in the Large Businesses category at the gala event.

Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka has been a resilient pillar in fostering growth, creating business, and nurturing economic development across the country.

The FCCISL recognized JLanka’s business success as the country’s leading solar solutions provider, as well as the company’s visionary leadership at the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, celebrating excellence and encouraging new thinking.

JLanka, through the relentless leadership of Dr. Mayura Jayasoma, has taken on the responsibility of transforming the local energy industry, introducing innovative and sustainable energy solutions in Sri Lanka.

Ajith.D.Perera, Secretary General FCCISL, Mrs .G.Jayasoma (Director operations JLanka Technologies ) receiving the award , Australian High commissioner, Bryce Hutthsson, Sarath Kahapola Arachchi (President FCCISL)

Having introduced customized solar solutions to serve across a wider consumer base covering industrial, commercial and residential systems, the company has powered a paradigm shift towards renewable energy resources together with the public utilities in Sri Lanka, focusing on building an energy self-sufficient future for the country.

JLanka has tirelessly worked towards realizing this vision during the past six years, encouraging and educating the general public of the long-term benefits of solar solutions, while at the same time investing in the latest international technologies, continuously improving on products and solutions.

The perfect combination of deep knowledge in the subject and risk-taking has resulted in the company’s rapid pace of success during a short period of time. The company’s solar installations have generated over 12MW of electricity, which is inclusive of its annual contribution of 13GWh of energy to the Sri Lanka national grid.

The number of bulbs powered by JLanka is a staggering 41,454,545. Other novel concepts have also been introduced by the company, such as rechargeable batteries and energy storage, continuously reducing consumer tariffs and the demand on the national electricity grid.

“It is truly a memorable occasion to receive such an honour, on a personal level and professional level,” commented Dr. Mayura Jayasoma.

“Sri Lanka is at a point where we are pushed to move forward through innovative products and technologies in order to keep up with the rapid pace of transformation with the rest of the world.

We at JLanka are certainly doing our part to ensure our country moves in the right direction and it is truly encouraging to be recognized for the work we do.”

In keeping with their innovative spirit, JLanka is also diversifying in 2017, introducing solutions in Smart Technologies such as Work Process Optimization, Preventive Maintenance, Smart Transportation, Energy Efficient Buildings and Industry Automation to customers. 



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