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SL must add more infrastructure to road network - Harvard Professor

Deputy Minister Eran Wickramaratne with Ceylon Biscuits Managing Director Shea Wickramasinghe and Agency for Development of the Development Strategies and International Trade Ministry Managing Director Mangala Yapa.

Sri Lanka should try to add more infrastructure to its road network and other areas, Harvard University economist, Prof. Ricardo Hausmann said.

Speaking to corporate leaders and several ministers at the BMICH on Monday he said the classic example is some of the high end tourist hotels in Kuchchaveli.

“They are of high quality but unfortunately it takes seven hours to get there.”

“This is not a practical for a tourist”



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Must you wait for the Harvard professor to say this.

Well why is this person in a hurry .Enjoy your travel there is so much to see understand and educate while you travel for this pocket size isle is so beautiful with changing landscape and a change in humane living in every hamlet you pass by most unlike on those superhighways ..or are some of us so full of our own knowledge that we have reached saturation point and can only identify the luxury offred in a five star hotel ..I wonder ..I can only speak from my questing attitude ..I am not a Harvard Prof .but a person trying to live with less consumerism to save the planet .More highways mean more arable land lost for cultivation , more insect life lost under that concrete highway ..and more disturbance to the people and animals displaced .We might go rushing to Kuchchaveli and so what after that ?

Roads yes we need roads. Roads should not built in unihabited srea. It violates the right of the fauna flora excist abuse the ecosystem create cost to the country to build and maintain it. More the road more harm to ecosystem destruction of biodiversity degeneration of land.even the 7UN has a committee on significance of roads across the globe


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