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Wimal arrested by the FCID


Former National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader MP Wimal Weerawansa who arrived before the FCID to make a statement regarding allegations he misused state vehicles during his time as Housing and Engineering Services Minister, was arrested a short while ago.


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High time! Congrats FCID, but pl. see to it that "new brooms sweep well" policy doesn't give way in a little while. At least FCID has spared us one less (and the biggest) big mouth blabbering day and night on national media!

The best punishment if proved is to get him to pay back every red cent he robbed from us. Let him sell his ill gotten assets and repay the whole lot robbed from the people. Sending him to prison alone is not enough because at the end the corrupt doctor at the prison hospital will see that he is at the merchant ward for ever ... again with our money.


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