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Katy Perry’s new era might be closer than you think

All signs point to Katy Perry releasing new music this quarter. The ‘Rise’ hitmaker has been trolling/updating fans via social media with snippets of new music, progress reports and now references to a lead single and video. She also had a brief bout of leaky laptop syndrome (a demo called ‘Witness’ has been doing the rounds since June), which is a sure sign that something’s coming. Oh, and Katy Cats are convinced that their queen is about to drop a surprise album after a mysterious Hits Daily Double post heralding “the return of a star.”

As for Katy’s new direction? Expect the unexpected. “I’m working with a lot of unexpected writers and producers and … that’s bringing out a lot of different things sonically,” she told InStyle in September. “Even when I was working with my go-to producers, I’d always push them to play me a beat that was reserved for Three 6 Mafia or something like that.” Not that she’s about to drop a rap record. “I know exactly how to write a lyric over that because my strengths are melody and lyrics. I’m putting myself in unexpected situations and that is breeding a lot of new color.” I’m very ready.



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