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No barrier for JO to rejoin SLFP – SP Chief Minister

Joint Opposition members have no obstacles or been prohibited from rejoining the SLFP as they are followers of the party policy and vision, Southern Province Chief Minister Shan Wijayalal de Silva said.

Disclosing the party’s plain for the upcoming Local Government elections, de Silva said the SLFP will contest all Local Government bodies throughout the country at the upcoming polls.

The Joint Opposition is a dissident fraction of the SLFP. Hence, they can at any time return to the party under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena, as they also follow the same political doctrine and policy, he said.

“At present there is only a conceptual tussle within the party. It is not a splitting up of the party. President Sirisena is concerned over party unity. He is ready to do anything to uphold the unity of the party,” the Chief Minster said.

He firmly believes that the party’s forward move and strength depend on the unity among party circles. There is no barrier for anyone to rejoin the party under his leadership,” the Chief Minister said.

He said although the SLFP is a party to the Unity government, it has the right to take its own political decisions as an independent political party.

“We are one of the two biggest political movements of the country. We take our political decisions according to our party policies and vision which would in no way be detrimental to the concept of the National Unity government,” he said. 


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Withe all due respect to you please do not touch these JO even with a barge pole. Clean up the SLFP and ensure that you hae good educated, young hardworking people and not these rogues. Let them shout from the roof tops but please DO NOT I repeat DO NOt get them anywhere near the SLFP. If you do you will be cutting your own grave and nobody will vote for you as long as these set of rogues are there and the UNP will romp home with even a greater majority.Show that they are not indispensable. Let them go their own way but if anybody from the JO seeks to come back to the SLFP the answer should be a firm NO.You will be cutting you own grave of the SLFP if you do and having these traitors in SLFP is not going to do any good either to the country or to its people as all they are interested in is to bring Rajapakse to power and rob some more from us and indulge in corruption of the highest order.People can be fooled some of the time but not all the people at all the time!


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