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India bans traffic on iconic Connaught Place


The iconic Connaught Place area in the Indian capital, Delhi, will be a no-vehicle zone for three months beginning February, officials say.

All traffic including buses and cars will be banned from the office and shopping district as part of the government's plans to tackle air pollution and congestion in the city.

Park and ride cycle services will be offered to visitors to the area.

Tens of thousands of people visit Connaught Place every day.

The area is part of colonial-era Delhi, often called Lutyens Delhi after the British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, who designed many of the government buildings and graceful bungalows that are now occupied by senior officials.

It is also one of India's most famous commercial and shopping districts, but often remains gridlocked because of rising traffic.

Officials say the three-month-long "pedestrianisation" of the area will test "traffic circulation, the experience of pedestrians and shop owners, management of reclaimed parking lots and traffic load" in the area.

People will be able to reach the area either by metro or by using park and ride bicycles and battery operated vehicles from surrounding areas during the trial.


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