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The govt will move along on a ‘golden journey’ this year: Grero

The government will protect the unitary status of the country and lay the ground work to eradicate poverty, Higher Education State Minister Mohan Lal Grero said yesterday.

"We will move along a golden journey this year after solving social, economic and policy issues prevailing in the country. Although this is a new government, we have been able to take far reaching steps during a short period for the success of the country," he told a media briefing in Colombo yesterday.

Grero said the SLFP will contest future elections under the hand symbol and win the polls.

"We will formulate future plans of the government under the guidance of President Maithripala Sirisena to march forward towards success. No one can topple this government and it can only be done democratically. We have to face the reality and face problems to march forward into the future," the state minister said.

He said earlier, the system was not bringing up various proposals to the correct places. "This has been changed today and correct proposals are channelled to the relevant places. There could have been more aims to develop the country under the re-gaining Sri Lanka programme of the UNP. It is time to implement those proposals as well," Grero said.

The state minister said at one time, changing a Constitution was only a dream.

"But today, people's proposals have been taken into consideration while the suggestions of Committees were presented to formulate the Draft,” he said.

“The new Constitution will give foremost place to Buddhism and will also protect the unitary states of the country. Since there is freedom of expression today, there are a lot of different views and debates. Arguments have also arisen in all parts of the country," Grero said.

He said the main cause for the country’s economic problems is that our debt servicing exceeds the nations’ income.

"There is grace period after each loan. But afterwards, we have to pay huge sums. This is why this government has to face a difficult phase. Earlier, there was no opportunity to confront hidden problems,” the state minister said.

“But today, we can face all problems openly and confidently. If this government was not elected, we would have to face problems caused by economic sanctions and human rights issues," Grero said.


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Country must develop peacefully democratically economically with no greed corruption religion including Buddhism like other religion will be taken and supported by the society with advancing honest responsible democracy unitary state can continue with justice honesty civility within the society unlike we have witnessed in the past


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