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Nigerian national in court for allegedly cheating woman

A Nigerian national arrested by the Kollupitiya Police and produced before Fort Magistrate and Additional District Judge Lanka Jayaratne for cheating Rs 350,000 from a woman, was remanded yesterday till January 19.

According to the Police, he had cheated the woman depicting that he was to arrange a Christmas gift parcel worth Sterling Pounds 3,500 from England. The suspect Shioho Iqboyic, who had been over staying his visa to the country, was hiding in Nugegoda. He had requested Rs 350,000 from the victim to clear the parcel from the Post Office. But ultimately, he had been demanding Rs 500,000 more from the woman stating that tax charges had increased. The woman had then suspected the man of cheating and made a complaint to the Police.

The Police said the suspect was on the run after deceiving two other persons from Kohuwala for Rs 800,000 and Rs 300,000 from a man in Gampaha.

Information had also been received about another suspect from England who was studying in Colombo, that he too was involve in this cheating game.

The Magistrate had ordered the Police to investigate and arrest the other suspect.


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Nigerian cheating and spamming is known as Project 419 by the US Secret service and they work with the Nigerian government annd had cheated billions of USD around the world. Sri Lanka should curtail visas to Nigerians.

These Nigerian are smart to convince and cheat others out of their cash in most of the countries I was told even lawyers felt victim for their scam. Scam is everywhere with Internet Facebook going to get worse. Not answer strangers if you feel not safe in any matters

It is well known all over the world. One of my relative's daughter was gang raped by a Nigerian man and he sold contents on Internet for his studies

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