Power struggle causes defeat of Development Special Provisions Draft Bill: Pubudu Jagoda | Daily News

Power struggle causes defeat of Development Special Provisions Draft Bill: Pubudu Jagoda

The Development (Special Provisions) Draft Bill was defeated in Provincial Councils because of a power struggle and not because of the content of the Bill, Front Line Socialist Party Propaganda Secretary Pubudu Jagoda said.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday, Jagoda said the neo-liberal economic policy cannot be implemented within a democratic system and needs a dictator. It is brought to Sri Lanka through the Development (Special Provisions) Draft Bill. This is a failed strategy in other countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. It failed 40 years ago, he said.

According to Jagoda, the car assembly company in Labuyaya, Kuliyapitiya, is not a positive move. The foreign company will take the profit.

Environmental damages, health issues and suffering will be left to Sri Lankan labourers.

This company had troubles in connection with violating environmental laws in the US and in Europe in 2015. The company has a bad international reputation, he said.

Jagoda said governments earn income through taxes and other non-tax revenues. In Sri Lanka, the government also has lotteries. People sell lotteries because they do not have other jobs.

The government is trying to exploit people more and more by increasing the price of lotteries, he said.

The Front Line Socialist Party will educate the people and organise people against Wilpattu forest destruction.

The officials should stop misleading the public by telling lies and providing inaccurate and fabricated information, Jagoda said.


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