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Jesus came to heal the world

Christmas in our blessed land is called Naththal and Naththar. This word is used in the medical world too. Pre-natal and ante-natal. Its meaning in English is birth. Millions of Christians around the globe commemorate the Birth of Jesus Christ on December 25 or the month of Unduwap, the precursor to the month of Duruthu or January. Churches are packed from 12 midnight until late evening with the faithful attending Divine Service to say Happy Birthday to our Saviour and the Prince of Peace.

When the clock announces the beginning of December 25, the world awakens to the sound or crackers. Christmas is just one week before the next year. Hence in our own little isle and in the world, there is a feeling of joy. New Year means new clothes, new class, new books. It is a children’s festival. Streets are crowded. Shops are open till late displaying clothes, toys, cake ingredients, greeting cards. All amidst a cacophony of crackers, music and the lovely shouting of children. To us, Christians, it was the beginning without an end.

Born in a humble shed with His foster father Joseph wiping the sweat from a young mother in labour, a few four-footed friends to give warmth – a king was born. No trumpets or bugles to proclaim a royal birth. Only a few shepherds and three regal wise men, the mind of the mother must have wondered into the not-so-distant past. The Divine Messages to her and Joseph: the magnificent words the uttered when she visited her cousin Elizabeth. She had said: He shall put down the mighty and shall exalt the humble”. And “All generations shall call me Blessed.” Prophetic words of a mother of a Son who was going to heal the world? An-exuberant mother on that glorious day. Two thousand 14 years gone. Many of us, Christians lovingly consider her as our Heavenly Mother, because this Baby told the world, “Behold your Mother”. A dying Jesus uttered these words to his beloved disciple John, in seeing His grieving Mother by John’s side, while on the Cross. Beautiful memories that has travelled with time. Yes, that was Jesus in the Cradle in Bethlehem. He lived for thirty three years. Preached for three and was crucified on a mount, where His precious blood soaked a weeping Mother Earth. He died because he spoke the Truth. Truth always hurts the hypocrites.

He was a gentle revolutionary. His scathing words on the Elite, scribes and the Pharisees angered them. He broke traditions. He disagreed with them on their eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth policy. He decried the practice of selling wares in the temple of God. He made them sulk away when they brought a woman in sin before him. To test him. Yes! He said “He that is without sin let him cast the first stone.”

His immortal teachings bring to mind of another enlightened Teacher who walked this Earth preaching His vision for mankind. They seem similar on man’s inborn qualities. The Buddha says Thanhaya Jayaththi Shoko. Yes! Sorrow will always follow greed and do not do to others what you do not wish to be done to yourself. “He too spoke on compassion, tolerance and wished that all mortals be happy”. This was about 540 years before Jesus.

The dawn of the second Millennium marked the two thousandth year in commemorating the birth of our Redeemer Jesus Christ. On that day, Millions trekked to church. Many Christians wined, dined and danced. Hotels were packed. A few staggered to their homes, exhausted and intoxicated, while thousands spent that night, hungry, without shelter, amidst drone attacks, claymore mines, RPG missiles and hunger. Mothers wee walking to unknown lands as refugees while carrying their pus oozing, hungry babes with most hideously protruding ribs and distended stomach. All gazing up with lacklustre eyes at the fireworks that light up the sky. Eyes without hope, longing for love and tranquility. How many will fill their home

Xmas trees with toy guns, soldiers, digital war game toys, dancing with their children and grandchildren with Xmas cake in their mouths while a few little rose buds of the world will be in a thicket of thorns made of the real ones that hang on the Xmas tree.

All this is commemoration of a Divine Teacher, Saviour and Redeemer who walked up Calvary carrying a heavy piece of timber to die for love and peace. An Everlasting Sacrifice that many Christmas commemorate while being with Jesus during Holy Mass.

Let us beseech for Peace and Love on this day while we thank our Heavenly Father for giving us a reprieve for the first sin of Man, of sending us is Son, with the everlasting message of Love, Peace, Brotherhood and Faith.

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