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Minister debunks politically motivated allegations

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister Mahinda Amaraweera denied allegations that 15,000 acres of populated land in the Hambantota area are to be taken over by the government for the proposed Hambantota Industrial Zone. Minister Amaraweera was speaking at a media briefing at the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM), yesterday evening.

“Certain political groups are making false allegations that the government is planing to take over 15,000 acres of populated  areas in the Hambantota Industrial Zone. No populated land shall be taken over by the government. The 15,000 acres of land shall only be taken over from the non populated areas in Hambantota,” Minister Amaraweera pointed out.

Minister Amaraweera further pointed out that the new Industrial Zone in Hambantota will contribute much to the area’s development as well as the country. “Certain political groups attempt to mislead the public by spreading rumours so that they could unsettle these development projects,” Minister Amaraweera said. Minister Amaraweera also said that the Hambantota Industrial Zone is to commence operations from January 7 next year, marking the completion of President Maithripala Sirisena’s second year in office. “Many investors including Chinese representatives are to participate in the inauguration,” the minister added. 


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