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Unparalleled for grandeur, unmatched for glory

Tinsel town’s ladies are vying to display their most charming avatars and the men will pull off their most handsome looks at the 33rd Sarasaviya Film Awards which is set to ignite Nelum Pokuna tomorrow. The event is organized by the Sarasaviya weekly together with the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited and sponsored by Sri Lanka Telecom. Several A-listers and much sought after celebrities who would grace the occasion shared their views about the event with the Daily News.

Irangani Serasinghe

The Sarasaviya Film Awards is the oldest awards festival in the country. It has run continuously for many years. It was one of the most looked forward to events by movie fans. Though it was stagnant for eight years, we think that film buffs have almost forgotten its existence. However the present situation shows that this is not so. I am happy that it will be staged again and I want to pass on my wishes to all those who are involved in the event.

Anula Karunathilaka

I was elated to hear the news of the rekindling of the festival. We as artistes missed it a lot when the awards festival was not staged for eight years.

I received my first award at the Sarasaviya Film Festival in 1969 for Golu Hadawatha.

I won the Most Popular Actress Award the same year as well. So it was a double celebration for me.

The Sarasaviya Awards Festival is held to motivate artistes.

I wish to express my gratitude to the authorities for bringing it back and I hope that they would be strengthened to hold many more Sarasaviya Film Festivals in the future.

Ravindra Randeniya

The Sarasaviya Film Awards is unparalleled to any other film awards ceremony in the country. It is the benchmark of the Sri Lankan film awards. Being a part of the event is a great honour for any artiste.

When I won my Sarasaviya Award, that was the day I truly stepped into cinema. I was welcomed into the field. The joy I received was a joy that I cannot quite describe, but it was the greatest joy I have ever felt. There was a gap of eight years when the award festival was discontinued and during this time there may be so many artistes who have missed out on being a part of this event. That is a disconcerting thought. I am delighted that it has commenced again. This is timely because we need something like this on this day and age. Cinema and Sarasaviya have almost become one.

Sumitra Peries

Dr Lester James Peries and I are one of the first recipients of the Sarasaviya Film Awards. We won the Best Film, Best Director and Best Editor for Gamperaliya. We have lived through many of the Sarasaviya Film Awards. The news that the film awards will be revived brought back a great feeling of nostalgia for us because we have many memories linked with the event.

Sri Lankan cinema is at a cross road today. You get a feeling that all your efforts have been worthwhile when you become part of the Sarasaviya Film Festival.

I wish that all would go well with the festival and that many more festivals will follow.

Sriyani Amarasena

The Sarasaviya Film Awards have always honoured artistes with a lot of faith. I am so happy that it is back. It is mostly those who are the recipients of Sarasaviya Awards who know about the worth of the award. When I see my Sarasaviya Award on my shelf among my awards collection I realize that nothing else exudes such greatness, honour and quality as much as the Sarasaviya Award.

I am especially grateful to Sri Lanka Telecom for stepping in to bring back the event and I would like to bless the Sarasaviya weekly, Lake House and Sri Lanka Telecom to carry on this venture each year.

Sabeetha Perera

My first photograph was published on a Sarasaviya magazine. Therefore the Sarasaviya weekly had always had a special place in my heart. I have won a handful of awards in the past Sarasaviya Film Awards: the Best Actress, Most Popular Actress, Up and Coming Actress, Best New Comer and Merit Awards. The new generation did not get this privilege.

That is a great pity but it is delightful that they would be getting this opportunity at last to show off their colours now. Though many think that there are no films being made these days that is not the truth. Films are being made and reviving this age old film festival would be a great encouragement for all those involved in the field today.

Sangeetha Weeraratne

This is great news for artistes. I have been a part of so many Sarasaviya Film Awards. No other award bring as much glory or satisfaction than winning a Sarasaviya Award and only the Presidential Awards ia on par with the Sarasaviya Awards. I am very happy and proud to be part of this year’s Sarasaviya Film Festival. I have lots of beautiful memories in connection with this event.

I have won the Most Popular Actress Award continuously for many years and in 2007 I won both the awards for the Best Actress and the Most Popular Actress. That was quite a thing!

Prasanna Vithanage

To win a Sarasaviya Award is the highest regard for an artiste. Sarasaviya is the only surviving cinema magazine in the country. To win an award at the film festival itself is a sign that you have are a part of the Sri Lankan cinema industry.

Another noteworthy feature about the event is that after the year 2000 the authorities absorbed cinema critics into the project.

This meant that the judgment was based on merit. Though there are many film festivals held today they are mostly like carnivals due to commercial pressure. The organizers forget that the festivals are held to uplift the cinema industry.

They showcase a lot of glitz instead. They are also boring because the events drag on for five to seven hours. I hope that Sarasaviya would keep the festival up to standard and hand out the awards based on the cinematic quality.

Jackson Antony

Awards festivals can be found in abundance today. I have now become a veteran of awards. I won my 52th award at the State Rupavahini Awards recently. My first award was for Best Supporting Actor in 1986. Since then I have won awards for many fields. However the awards won at the beginning of my career had a sense of national importance to them. Most of the present awards ceremonies are held under the private sector.

However the Sarasaviya Film Awards is one of the few awards ceremonies which still holds national importance. It was only the OCIC Awards which had a radical and youthful theme in the past but today there is emphasis on radical and youth in all the film festivals. Cinema is facing a decline now.

We got a good morale uplift from the Sarasaviya Film Awards in the past. I hope we would get the same from the upcoming film festival.

Roshan Ranawana

The Sarasaviya Film Awards has been the most popular event in our calender for the past few years.

When it came to a halt our generation missed out on a lot in being part of this great event.

Our films missed out on a lot of chances on making it big at the event.

Two television channels tried to fill this vacuum however they could not match the popularity or grandeur of the Sarasaviya Film Awards.

 Dilhani  Ashokamala

The Sarasaviya Film Festival is back after eight years and throughout this silence period we as those involved in the film industry have voiced our thoughts aloud and tried to get all those involved to keep on staging the film awards annually.

Our efforts are finally rewarded.

Donald Jayantha

Sarasaviya Film Awards is the oldest awards festival in the country today.

Winning a Sarasaviya Award is invaluable and a great honour. It is an encouragement and reawakening for any artiste.

Therefore Sarasaviya means eminence. I am looking forward to a day which I would be able to achieve this greatness by taking home my first Sarasaviya Award. 



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