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Sri Lanka tops Google search for ‘Sex’ for fifth consecutive year


Sri Lanka, for the fifth consecutive year, topped the list of countries that searched for the word ‘sex’, data from Google Trends show.

Interestingly, the search shows a spike during the months of August and December - traditionally the school holidays.

Sri Lanka is followed by Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nepal and India, data shows.

Homagama, in the Western Province shows the most number of hits for the word ‘sex’, followed by Pune, Dhaka, Chennai and Hyderabad.



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Looking at the statistics m I wonder why the google statistics hover around the developing countries ? Are the high level people liberated from the home screen to something bigger , so the middle income people access the computer for the 'other ' is more expensive for a peep show .But it is a worry when you say that school holidays are the worst time .Are parents aware of whats happening behind the close door of their teens and its not all study ? ..Time to worry as parents it is just not a mere news story or a statistic !

Sri Lanka is not the top listed country in search for sex. First comes The Phillipines, followed by Thailand and then Eastern European countries such as Ukraine

Animal instinct sex does not need google. Must learn to use use search station to stimulate thinking get information use concept of reasoning wisely to better yourself and help and advice fellow humans wisely eg Uranus Saturn coming next year some changes will happen across the world include SriLa ka so watch for it

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