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President vows action if FCID ignores his advice


Co-cabinet Spokesperson and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said the President would take action if the Financial Crimes Investigative Division (FCID) did not heed his advice.

Hitting out strongly against the FCID, the minister said the unit was formed to investigate large scale fraud but was chasing after minor crimes,

“The FCID only looks at someone misusing a vehicle for Rs. 1,40,000 or where Karuna hid his car. The village police can manage such investigations, you don’t even need the CID for that,” the minister said speaking at the weekly Cabinet briefing.

He also mentioned that several cases were being influenced from the top,

“We need to ask who took files to Yoshitha? Who is shaping Gota? Who is shaping Gamini Senarath? And to whom did he spend his money on during the last election?” Senaratne asked.

In reference to a recent call received by IGP Pujith Jayasundara from a higher up in government, the minister explained that according to his knowledge, the IGP was simply relaying ‘information’ that he was not aware of an arrest being made. The media, however, had reported the IGP saying that the arrest in question would not be made.

“The President has said he did not make the phone call, the Prime Minister has also denied making the call. So if it is the Law and Order Minister at the other end, and he is not denying making the call, it might be him,” the minister said.

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