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‘Don’t make fun of VIPs who fall asleep in public’


We should not find fault or make fun out of VIPs who fall asleep in public, during ceremonies and other such events, because they do not do it intentionally – they could be suffering from sleep apnea, Head of the Toxicology and National Poison Centre at the National Hospital Colombo Dr. Waruna Gunathilaka said.

 Addressing media during a press briefing at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo today he said that such individuals fall asleep even while waiting for traffic lights to change.He said their illness could have a negative impact on their decision-making ability and compel them to make the wrong decisions.

Dr. Gunathilaka said sleep apnea was even cause for obesity.He said the public should not be mislead by television, radio and newspaper advertisements on weight reducing strategies, surgeries or exercise machines because they only reduce fat under the skin, and not the visceral fat inside the body.

Reducing fat under the skin does not reduce the risk of developing Non-Communicable Diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure, Dr. Gunathilaka said.


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Are all of these people sleeping in the Parliament, suffering from the same disease? How strange! May be their salaries and other perks increased to take treatment for that disease?

sleep apnea? They don't look Obese....May be overnight hangover?

I think it is the 5 star meals served in the parliament canteen that causes sleep apnea among its members.

Budget or anything important must not be held in the afternoon. After a heavy free meal, naturally they fall asleep to the tune of budget lalabye. I suggest that they be given a cup of plain tea before sitting for budget hearing.

Then more than half of our current parliament must be suffering from sleep apnea. This is not a medical issue (may be of a few) most of them are least interested and are there to make their life good with more and more benefits


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