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Former Ambassador to U.S Jaliya W. arrested

Former ambassador to be produced before court today:

Allegedly accepted USD 245,000 commission:

The Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) arrested former Sri Lankan Ambassador to the US, Jaliya Wickramasuriya yesterday.

Wickramasuriya was arrested for allegedly accepting a USD 245,000 commission while serving as the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the US, under the previous government.

It is alleged that he had accepted this commission following a contract awarded to refurbish the embassy. The former ambassador had reportedly remitted this money to Sri Lanka.

The former ambassador is a close relative of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The FCID prevented Wickramasuriya from leaving the country on Wednesday. Police sources said the former Ambassador would be produced before court today.

Wickramasuriya, a businessman and a tea exporter by profession who migrated to the US in 1999, was first given a diplomatic posting in 2005, the year former President Rajapaksa came to power.

He first served as the Sri Lankan Consul General in Los Angeles, California from 2005 to 2008.

He was then promoted as the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United States, despite his strong business links with the country.

After the new government came to power, the Foreign Affairs Ministry received a number of complaints from Sri Lankans living in the US, against the former ambassador.


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When I went to apply for Sri Lanka visit visa at Los Angeles embassy I have witnessed his action with some marketing firms when he was negotiating deals with them. Im glad finally SL has taken some action for him. Very Good

This person is just a businessman and he is good at it but he could not even give a speech at all in front of the people many years ago. Now, it is very sad that such people who are not suppose to be Ambassadors become them with no quality and with no qualifications whatsoever. There are people in U.S. without knowing the true figures who come from Sri Lanka to such positions or get appointed to such positions associate them like gods but they are the ones get abused at the end by those who act like gods. We can only hope that one day genes that activate such people to act that way will be possible to eradicate for better Sri Lanka.

Another rogue from the Rajapakse clan.Should not the FCID investigate such fraud and bring them to books

Another rogue from the Rajapakse clan.Should not the FCID investigate such fraud and bring them to books

What action did this former Sri Lankan (unverified ) exactly winess? Could he/she explain please in the name of journalism. ?

All pigs of the same litter,with their snouts in the Rajapakse trough which has now been poisoned.What a bunch of cursed ,rotten scoundrels.They should rot in hell for these crimes,of-course if proven.It is now the Lawyers turn to profit from these thieves.

In addition to this commission, this guys has cheated many Sri Lankans living in the US, particularly in Atlanta and nearby cities. This guy is a rogue like all other RAjapaksas.

I am not defending him. Commissions are allowed in business parlance ; those must be declared for tax purposes and also to avoid double taxation if there are treatises between U.S. and Sri Lanka. One cannot forget his hard work re the war and the national question, when he was Ambassador. A lot of U.S. expatriates of that time did sing his praises.

Jaliya W stole much more money from his former friends. That total may be over $ 1 million. It is sad to see non of those who gave money came forward to press charges against him. May be Jaliya W borrowed his friends' black money. I hope Sri Lankan government investigate all other deals he made while he was the ambassador.

I know what he did to Sri Lanka as the embassador, worked almost 24x7 and brought hell of lot of business to Sri Lanka. Did all that with a passion!

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