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Thowheed Jamath Secretary remanded


Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath (SLTJ) Secretary Abdul Razik who was arrested this morning on charges of inciting racism, was remanded until November 29.

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This scum should be given the maximum punishment. Tawhid Jama'ath is an organization which is despised by the majority of the Muslims in Sri Lanka, India and the world over. They are a minority of minorities who carry no respect whatsoever in the community. We are a nation trying our best to exist together in peace, with all communities and all religions - Respecting all communities and all religions. And this degenerate is trying his best to destroy the peace and tranquillity prevailing among the citizens of Sri Lanka. It is our earnest wish that this worthless scum be given the harshest of punishments.

Today, the world over, all problems to humanity are caused by religious fanatics and extremists. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned we are aware that our current regime is doing everything possible to develop the country and bring about harmony among all faiths and communities. What bothers me is – Is there an evil hand that is deliberately plotting to sabotage this progress? Is it also an attempt to discourage foreign investments in Sri Lanka by creating chaos. We as Muslims, it is our duty to respect each and every man, his religion and community. Looks like Abdul Razik, the Secretary of the Tawhid Jamath, is totally unaware of the basic teaching of Islam. They are not the representative of the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka and we Muslims, plead to the general public , not to be misled by the attrocious behavior of such abominable radicals.

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