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Government 'Delivery Unit' to increase public sector efficiency

The government will implement Key Performance Index (KPI) on ministers from January 1, 2017, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said.

A government ‘Delivery Unit’ would also be set up to ensure effective execution, he told the Daily News yesterday.

A ‘Delivery Unit’ - specifically a ‘Government Delivery Unit’ - is typically a group of highly skilled people working at the centre of the government, to help line ministries achieve outcomes that are considered ‘mission critical.’

A DU uses a host of tools and processes such as stocktaking, priority reviews and delivery reports to maintain constant pressure on senior officers to improve delivery - a similar mechanism was set up in the UK in 2010 to monitor progress and strengthen the British government’s capacity to deliver. The Finance Minister told the Daily News that KPI’s would be implemented on 10 – 12 key people across all public institutions - including ministers from January 1.

“This is a top-down process, we are all public servants,” Karunanayake said, adding that this was a novel approach to ensure public servants across the board performed as they should, and that ministers themselves were not exempt from review. He also mentioned of the ‘time-frame’ for delivery on public servants to motivate better performance: “any request (license, permit or permission) is deemed granted, if no reply is received from the institution within 10 working days” and added that stringent measures such as these would inspire discipline and a stronger sense of personal responsibility and accountability in the public sector.

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