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‘Elements with vested interests trying to misinterpret President’s remarks’


Certain elements with vested interests were trying to misinterpret President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent remarks about the role played by certain independent commissions, for petty political gain, Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said.

He identified this as an attempt to tarnish the image of the President internationally.

Speaking at a public function in Kalutara yesterday, the minister said the President had not found fault with the Commissions but had only emphasised the importance of protecting the dignity of war heroes who saved the country from the clutches of terrorism.

The minister emphasised that the President’s speech had not included any remarks intended to weaken the functions of the independent commissions.

The minister also recalled the strenuous efforts made by the President to bring in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which resulted in the formation of the independent commissions.

He stressed that both the President and the Prime Minister were working together with the common aim of ushering political, economic and social stability.

Samarasinghe said the new government led by the President continuously keeps enhancing its international image which had seen a rapid decline during the time of the former regime.

In the face of this success, he said that some political elements with vested interests were trying to misinterpret the President’s recent remarks to tarnish the image of the President and that of the government, internationally. 


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Mr Mahinda Samarasinghe and other Ministers who are vainly trying to put a good face on the President's outrageous remarks are only making fools of themselves by taking the people to be fools who cannot understand plain Sinhala speech. Millions have heard and seen the video recording of the President's speech for themselves. Even a child can see that he has made a major blunder. It is crystal clear that the threatening tone and content of his emotional outburst constituted an abuse of power in seeking to demean, demoralise and put political pressure on independent agencies investigating crime and corruption. As a result the President's credibility is in shatters, and his commitment to purity in public life questionable. If any further proof is needed the Bribery Commissioners resignation shows there was nothing ambiguous about the Presidents remarks. Rather than add insult to injury by the folly of trying to put a good face on his disastrous speech, the best that can be done now is for the President to unequivocally (a) Retract his remarks (b) Make an unqualified apology to the nation and the dedicated officers of the Bribery Commission, CID and FCID who are valiantly fighting corruption (c) Ask the Bribery Commissioner to withdraw her resignation and continue her good work.

Whatever said and done no one can cheat the almighty GOD !

Thought before utterances and actions of political leaders would avoid untoward problems

What president utters and means is not the matter. What commons around the world hear and understand is the matter.

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