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New system to detect speeding vehicles on the Expressway: RDA


The Road Development Authority (RDA) has introduced a new system to detect speeding vehicles on the Southern and Katunayake Expressways.

Speaking to the Daily News Online, Expressway Operation, Maintenance and Management Division Director S. Opanayaka said this was to reduce the escalating numbers of accidents on the expressways.

He said computerized detection systems will be installed between the interchange points, to relay information on speeding vehicles to the control room.

Opanayaka said the information, transmitted through fibre cables, would show video evidence of the vehicle, its speed and location.

He said the system was equipped with night vision that would allow the detection of speeding vehicles even at night.

Therefore, he also said, there would be no room for argument with offenders, as the RDA was now capable of producing evidence.

The majority of accidents on the expressways occur due to high-speed, although the maximum limit is 100kmph. “We have informed drivers stick to speed limits via Digital Message Boards, but some do not listen.  So we have to increase enforcement.”

He said the new system was currently at the testing level but they hoped to implement it next month.




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