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Youth commits suicide after chiding from drunk father

A 19-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself at his house in Kolonnawa after his father scolded him after getting drunk.

The deceased was identified as Mogan Raj Nidushan, a student of Kochchikade St.Anthony’s College who sat for the A/Ls last year.

The boy was the eldest in a family of two.

“I have two children and Mogan was the eldest. He was at home alone when we went to work on October 8.

He was not in good terms with his father as his father constantly scolded and beat him after getting drunk," the boy's mother, Rengayya Pushpam, 43, said at the post-mortem.

"The house was locked when I returned home after work in the afternoon. I called for my son several times and as he did not respond I entered the house from the backdoor. I saw he had hung himself in the roof from a salwar,” Pushpam said.

The boy died on admission to the Colombo National Hospital.

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