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Solve issues or leave task in my hands

Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Secretary General V. Anandasangaree in a letter to Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan under the title “Lead the Tamils towards a genuine solutions” asked Sampanthan to call for an all party meeting to discuss the main issues of the Tamils or leave that task in his hands.

Anandasangaree had drafted the letter with reference to a judgment delivered on August 25 at the Ottawa Ontario Federal Court.

The case was an appeal filed by a Sri Lankan asylum seeker, for judicial review of a decision of the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. However, the application was dismissed by the judge stating that the applicant through his membership in the ITAK and his following of Sampanthan (who led ITAK, effectively led TNA and who actively supported LTTE according to the judge), was a member in an organisation that was engaged in terrorism.

“This is not a simple matter for you to ignore. It affects the future of several thousands of Tamil youths, seeking asylum or in pending cases, not only in Canada but also in several other countries. Although only your name mainly transpired during the proceedings of this case, I hardly find any response from you up to now. Knowing well that the future of many youths will be blasted, your silence is shocking,” Anandasangaree said in his letter to Sampanthan.

“Recognition of the LTTE in 2004, as the sole representatives and national leaders of the Tamil people was uncalled for. All of us considered much earlier, that for the purpose of talks relating to the Tamil problem with the government and such others, to accept the LTTE as the Sole Representatives of the Tamil people and not in all matters. You’re giving in to all the foolish demands of one individual, for whom leadership was foremost in his mind, has brought the Tamils to this state,” Anandasangaree stated.

He said Sampanthan’s greed for power, destroyed everything. The Tamil community in Sri Lanka is on the verge of being declared as Terrorists.

“Please save us if you can. If you can’t, kindly declare that you have failed in your mission and handover the leadership to the TULF, the authority, left behind by Thanthai Selva, in co-ordination with G.G.Ponnambalam and S.Thondaman, as a legacy for the Tamil people. I am 83 years now wanting a solution for our people soon and not any positions for me. I am prepared to stand down, if a solution acceptable to our people is offered. You will never solve this problem alone. At least now call for an all party meeting to discuss the main issues or leave that task in my hands,” he stated. 

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