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GDFF opens doors to documentary film-makers

The Galle Documentary Film Festival (GDFF) has been organised with the objective of commending the efforts taken by documentary film-makers while using it as an alternative media culture. A panel of judges comprising versatile personalities representing cinematography, literature, music, and a number of other fields will be doing the selections. Awards and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The winners will be selected under the following categories.

1. Best Documentary (Best research, best script writing, best cinematography and best direction)
2. Best research
3. Best script
4. Best cinematography
5. Best director
6. Best attempt

The awarding ceremony of the Galle Documentary Film Festival will be held on March 2017. Documentary film-makers who are interested to take part in the event are welcome to send their entries by uploading their videos on and sending the Vimeo link and password for screener to the e mail address [email protected] on or before December 15, 2016, with the following details.

1. Title
2. Synopsis
3. Director’s intention
4. Run time
5. Year of production

The Galle Documentary Film Festival is organized by the Sarwa Arts and Media School in Galle. Sumudu Guruge, an International standard documentary film producer, will be acting as the overall director of the film festival. The organizing committee notes that only the documentary films winning first, second and third places will be screened at the festival. Documentary films of famous directors will be screened at the event but will not be entered into the competition. They also note that the film festival is only for one act documentaries. 

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