Govt, private sector appointments to retired forces’ personnel: Ruwan | Daily News

Govt, private sector appointments to retired forces’ personnel: Ruwan

Eight hundred appointments will be given to retired cadres of tri forces including the Police Department and Civil Defence Force in both government and private sectors to utilise human resource for national development, Defence State Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said.

He also said 50 appointments will be given to tri forces personnel as technical officers for the estimation of projects and for project supervision of rural infra structure facilities development programme and decentralised capital budget development programme operated under the National Policies and Economic Affairs Ministry.

“President Maithripala Sirisena always directs us to work for the welfare of war heroes who toiled hard both day and night to safeguard the country,” he said.

“Although the opposition alleges that the present government is on a war hero hunt, our government has taken all possible measures for the welfare of the war heroes,” Wijewardene said.

Meanwhile, a programme will also be launched to provide a Rs one million allowance to war heroes who applied for housing loans from next year, he said.

The minister said a Cabinet paper had been drafted to provide a solution to war heroes who protested opposite the Colombo Fort Railway Station last July against the non-payment of their pensions.

“Their protest was called off as we promised to settle their issue within three months. However we have been able to address their issues even before that and discussions in this regard are underway,” he said.

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