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Eligible students deprived of university admission - IUSF

 The Inter University students’ Federation (IUSF) alleges that many students who have met the required qualifications to obtain university admission for the academic year 2015/2016 have been deprived of their chance to enter into universities by the government in an arbitrary way.

Addressing a media conference held at the CSR, Maradana IUSF Convener Lahiru Weerasekara said that these set of students has come by this injustice basically due to the issues that have arisen while filling the university application forms.

“A new condition was introduced by the government this year, stating that if a candidate had not marked a university of preference his/her application will not be taken into consideration although he/she has met the minimum required qualifications to enter into a university.

A series of issues had arisen due to this condition as many students who had not indicated their preference to certain universities had lost the opportunity to gain university entrance although they have met the minimum requirements.” “In the past years, although a student had not indicated their preference to a certain university they were later informed by a letter that they have fulfilled the minimum requirements to enter into that specific university, hence they could apply for that university if they wish.

However, with the introduction of this new condition many students were in a quandrary .”

He said. IUSF alleged that the government is heading towards cutting off the number of students who enter into state universities annually, and forcing them to enter into private universities by following such arbitrary actions. ‘Unlike in the past years, this year Arts Stream students have been enrolled into universities based on their all island ranks.

This is a huge injustice done to those students as the island based enrollments are not applicable to Maths, Biology and Commerce students. However, 7677 Arts students are due to be enrolled into the universities based on their all island rankings, but certain students who have been ranked less than 7677 too have lost the opportunity,” Weerasekara said.

He also presented to the media a list of students who had lost university entrance although they have ranked 6000s 5000s on the all island basis. ‘The only remedy for a student who had faced such an injustice is to file an appeal, but the University Grants Commission had not affirmed that all their grievances may be addressed. They had only said that their petitions will be taken into consideration. Therefore, these set of students are helpless as they are unsure as to what might happen to their appeals,’ he added.

He also said that a student has to pay a fee of Rs. 500 along with the appeal.

“Why do they have to pay an extra 500 rupees along with their appeal? This shows that the government is trying to fish in troubled waters. We request the government to justify as to why Rs.500 is collected from a student along with his/her appeal”

“We are ready to get into the streets with our brother and sisters who had faced this injustice. We will also file a complaint at the human Rights Commission soon with all such students island-wide.

“The government has to address their questions. We ask the government not to gamble with the future of these innocent students,” he said. A group of aggrieved students were also present at the media briefing. 

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