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Be my deadly solace!

From time immemorial, alcohol has had an unholy alliance with the most consummate of beings living on our planet – Man. Alcohol has been the precursor of temporary elation and permanent doom in the life of an alcoholic. Ancient and modern history has shown us how kingdoms have been lost, governments toppled, bizarre crimes committed, wars fought, women and children abuses, and families torn under because of alcohol. It is on record that Philip of Macedonia, charismatic leader and conqueror, father of Alexander the Great, could not walk from one table to another. Alcohol had conquered the conqueror.

The Buddha cautioned us on the indulgence of alcohol. Two thousand six hundred years after the words of an Enlightened Teacher, two millennia after Christ and 1500 years after Prophet Mohammed man is still a slave to alcohol. Absolute or 100 percent alcohol is used in modern medicine and also as a solvent. It is used in cosmetics, colognes and perfumes. It is indeed tragic that this very some compound which has helped in the healing and beautifying process is also responsible in dragging him to the lowest depths of misery and death.

To the ancient man, alcohol was a pleasant discovery. Fermentation of fruits gave him alcohol. But with time, man burnt the midnight oil in trying to bequeath to his fellow-men alcohol in diverse forms. It has reached the plates of humans in many forms. Beer, brewed from the malt of barley and oats, has an alcohol percentage of 3.5 percent.

Now it is 14 percent for ‘Strong Beer’. Toddy, the fermented sap of the palm 5.7 percent, wines 7.50 percent, Gin 31 percent, Champagne 11 percent, Whiskey 44-55 percent, Arrack 65.75 percent, Vodka around 50 percent and Mo tai, the liquor taken in tiny glasses at Banquets hosted by the Chinese has a very high percentage of alcohol. Then comes our own kassippu. The illicit brew obtained from a witches brew concoction of ferment, rotten fruit and toddy, which has a kick of a little more than 2.90 percent alcohol percentage should damaged copper condensing coils be used. Methyl alcohol is the distillate.

This causes blindness and paralysis. At times could be lethal drinking can be categorised into social or habitual. The farmer is drinking for pleasure. This type of drinking has encroached into all forms of social activities – weddings, parties, OBAs, AGMs - even in funeral houses. The light social drinker then becomes a heavy social drinker. He drinks to impress others. Finally he becomes an alcoholic.

The Greeks had a god for alcohol – Bacchus, the god of the meet or of the gods – alcohol. It is not clear whether they were social drinkers or alcoholics.

Social drinkers could control their drinking. Alcohol controls the alcoholics. Once when one passes the threshold of alcoholism, he begins to think that alcohol has come to guide him through the travails of life. Shall we as laymen share with each other how alcohol helps a gentle human being to be an abnormal monster. Every part of the body absorbs alcohol very fast. Alcohol used as a mouth wash stops a tooth ache. Temporary remedy.

It deadens the nerves and constricts the blood capillaries. Imagine it in the stomach. One drop of alcohol is 1000 drops of water could make an unicellular amoeba to shrived up and die. The life-giving protoplasm is destroyed. Imagine once again what it could do to the millions of cells that make natures most consummate of being. The body goes berserk. Alcohol damages the liver, dies of cirrhosis of the liver. Coughing out blood. End of the “see the bolters”, pathetic liver and his shriveled up liver.

Our life giving Oxygen in the blood is used up in fighting alcohol. It causes untold damage to the brain and kidneys. Yes! Every vital part of our body loses its supply of oxygen.

The world has seen the doings of alcoholics. Men of stature suddenly become a caricature of a fallen man of stature. The brain is the most important organ in the human body. Alcohol begins to destroy man’s citadel which makes him understand, think, act and live. Then it is 100 percent intoxication. He becomes sub human. The brain controls blood circulation, breathing, digestion and self control. He becomes an alcoholic. A person becomes intoxicated when there is 0.1 percent alcohol in the blood stream. When it reaches 0.5 percent he passed out. It is nature’s way of arresting further drinking. Over 0.5 percent is fatal.

Alcoholism is a personality problem. Considered to be the world No.1 drug. People with a lot of self control could be heavy drinker but never an alcoholics. When man gets intoxicated as an alcoholic he begins to lose his masculinity. Virility diminishes. Tries to or feels that he is ‘Real suber star'. In women alcoholics, the menstrual cycle gets affected. Abortions, still births, pre natal and an to natal deaths. Excessive drinking causes the tiny foetus to take in the devil drink through the umbilical chord. Tragic results. Abnormal retorted children. Our gentle readers may have had the misfortune of seeing these angels born to parents who have been slaves of alcohol.

An alcoholic never likes to leave an half empty bottle on the table. Others are about to leave. “Just a second, let me empty the bottle”, is the jargon of the greedy alcoholic.

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