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Female student hospitalised after Principal’s caning

A Grade Eight female student of the Walasmulla National school was hospitalised following an alleged assault by the Principal, Walasmulla Police said.

The student’s hands and back were injured due to the assault.

According to sources, a group of friends had shared chocolates brought by a student on her birthday in the classroom and several of the wrappers had littered the classroom.

Upon witnessing the scene, the Principal had used the cane on the student’s hands.

Sources said that while the student was picking up the fallen wrappers in the classroom and putting them in the bin, the Principal had once again caned her on her back, saying the punishment was her birthday gift. 

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Principal should be suspended and a thorough investigation has to be carried out.

I used to be a A/L teacher in a leading Mixed school near Rajagiriya. Before blaming the teachers and Principals people must realize incorrigible children are a curse to even well behaved students. Once I was so angry at two boys and two girls in the same class that I brought them to my office, got all four of them to undress in front of each other and caned them on their buttocks.

I am a retired principal as well. I took over a leading girls school in 1991. Discipline was not there at all. Classes where girls were talking all the time walking around during school time. Caning was done but not regular. I increased the caning. Up to four was given to palms in class. Repeat offenders were given six on the back in my office. Grade 10 and above were punished in the office on their back. Discipline improved. A/L results improved. Girls were treated fairly. Class monitors were asked to check their panty and underskirt. This was because girls started to double up and wear shorts. Lots of parents thanked me caning and getting their daughters as descent individuals.

I went to a school where girls were caned on hands only. Boys were caned across backs. Girls were noisy and unruly. New principal came from a girls school, she started caning girls on backside. Girls were sent by the class teachers to the office, I had experienced twice. Girls came back having difficulty sitting. Sometimes we had the chance to wear a second panty before caning. I had a spare panty in my bag all the time. Caning was given across the seat of the panty when the skirt was held tight. Caning on backside works better than hand caning. Cane marks were there for 3-4 days. I am a Bio teacher for AL classes myself and cane girls on backside. My AL results are the best.

Are you caning girls over the skirt. Caning after lifting skirt is not fare


general public must give public stoning to this kind of principles so similar will understand the children's mentality.

The stupid principal must be a psycho. He or She should be sacked immediately and severely punished so that it may be a deterrent to other idiotic fellows who may have been appointed as Principals of schools.

Reason guilt of something wrong in his mind. Simple statement clear the garbage immediately said firmly solved the problem Not a nice deed by the principal. His discipline goes against the basic principle nice words said nicely will bring him more rewards. Now what is expected from him. Opinion not fit to head the schol.

Do not make decisions based on one side of the story. There is always another facet to this story which is still unknown.

You have no right to hit a child! It is as simple as that. You live in the dark ages

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