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Kadugannawa schoolboy arrested over President’s website hack


A seventeen-year-old schoolboy from Kadugannawa was arrested this afternoon, for engineering the hack on President Maithripala Sirisena’s website.

President Sirisena’s official website www.president.gov.lk came under attack on Friday (26), when the site was taken down and a message posted in Sinhalese, expressing the displeasure of a collective of hackers calling themselves ‘The Sri Lanka Youth’, at the government having scheduled the Advanced Level examination for April, during the traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

The message was removed shorty thereafter and a message notifying users that the site would down for ‘scheduled maintenance', put up instead. 

The President’s website was back online a few hours later.

The site was hacked once again the next day (Saturday, 27), with the following message posted in English:


Dear Mr. President,

We are extremely displeased about the decision to hold GCE A/L in April since the Sinhala/Hindu New Year falls in between the exam dates. Therefore, reconsider that decision. Furthermore, take care of the security of Sri Lankan websites. Or else, we will have to face a cyber war.

If you cannot control the situation hold a Presidential Election.

Stop the Prime Minister's irresponsible work.

Look more into the problems of the university students.

The Sri Lankan Youth


The Crimes Investigation Department (CID) made the arrest. 









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They may thinking, they may have done something brave..... Must be punished

Certainly they have done something brave. This puppet and crooked president has not only ruined the country, but now destroy these students lives by postponing the exams like the elections. My3 shulb taken to the FCID.

It is not a good one.but i think he has a best knowledge. Really marvellous one. Yeh must be punsished also improve thier knowledge coz one day we want them.government can punished to them and control their nonsense but help to them.you want them.best it knowledge

Is he hacking or sending messages to the presidents concerning exam dates etc

advanced level exams on April? that was some ages ago, now we have A/L exams in August only! what is the point of hacking since the exam is in August! but they also asked the government to take care of the government website protection! hats off to that!

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