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Expolanka MD determined to promote football

Expolanka Managing Director Saif Yousuf

Football Federation of Sri Lanka assistant patron and Expolanka Managing Director, Saiff Usuff said that he was committed to making football are of the leading sports in Sri Lanka.

She said that as he had extended financial patronage to the 37th seven-a-side mercantile football tournament, he would do his utmost to make the future tournaments, a complete success.

‘Talented sportsmen in the country will be provided permanent employment in his establishment, the Colombo football club which has already been developed in to one of the leading schools in the country, continues to function under me we have tapped the foreign expertise in our attempts to make the able stronger and highly competitive. At present a Japanese and a Nigerian natural, plays for the Club. Plans are about to improve the sport by further utilizing the foreign expertise, he said.

I am no fact happy that the Mercantile Football Federation is in the forefront at present. Patronage will be extended to this body in the future to improve, its lot Saiff said. 


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