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Thugs chasing away Sinhalese from North - Gnanasara Thera

Gnanasara Thera of the Bodu Bala Sena said thugs operating under former LTTE member Sinnawan is chasing away the Sinhalese from their lands in the North.

The Thera was addressing the media in Colombo yesterday.

“Thugs operating under Sinnawan is threatening the Sinhalese in the only Sinhala village, Kokeliya in Vavuniya district,” he said.

The TNA along with some government officers are looting their lands. The move has been dubbed “selling of lands by the Sinhalese”, the Thera said.

“The Sinhalese has the land permits they gained in 1951,1975 and 1979. However, they have been forced to sell their lands at low prices and leave their village under pressure.

There were about 2,500 families in the village, but they moved off to other villages such as Thirappane and Nochchiyagama during the war. However, they came back to their village after the war in 2009. About 170 Sinhala families were in the village. But after 2015, the number of Sinhala families decreased to 35,” he said.

The Thera said members of the Civil Security Force deployed for the protection of the temple in Kokeliya have been removed. “When we reveal these, we are labeled as racists,”he said.

The thera said: “The Sinhalese community in the village does not receive even basic needs provided to the Tamil community. They do not step out of houses during night. Why should they live under such fear if peace and reconciliation have been re-established in the country?.” 

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