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Auditors’ protest stalling of National Audit Act


 A collective of auditors protested at the Parliament roundabout this afternoon, demanding the National Audit Act be passed immediately in Parliament.

They allege the Act is stagnating with Cabinet. According to standard procedure, they said, having received the approval of the Attorney General, the Audit Act ought to be passed by the Cabinet, gazetted and then tabled in the Parliament.

They allege that although the Act was approved by the Attorney General, passage by the Cabinet was still pending.

Deputy Auditor General A.H.M.Lalith Ambanwala told Daily News Online that the objective of the National Audit Act is to protect public money.

The Deputy Auditor General said that provision of the Act would allow for the recovery of misused public funds. He added that the Cabinet Sub-Committee tasked with passing the National Audit Act should be asked to provide reason for the delay.






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